Will There Be Another Lockdown In West Bengal?

Updated On 19th April 2021
West Bengal Second Locdown News

India, despite its huge population, was able to keep the covid spread under control and cases dropped since its peak in the month of September 2020. However, India either grew overconfident or desperate. Huge gatherings at festivals such as Holi and Kumbh Mela followed.The prime minister himself held huge rallies in West Bengal for his election campaign where thousands gathered without the following protocol.

As a result, cases surged by leaps and bounds. On 18th April India reported over 270,000 daily covid cases, almost 200,000 of which are from 10 states. 3 out of those 10 states have imposed some form of curfew or lockdown. Maharashtra has imposed a strict lockdown until 1 May, except for essential services. Delhi announced, starting today, there will be a 6-day lockdown. Rajasthan has also taken similar measures.

Amidst all these citizens of West Bengal are concerned whether on not there will be another lockdown in West Bengal. Authorities have announced that lockdown or night curfew is not the solution, and they are saving it as a last measure. Instead, people should follow strict covid guidelines. Schools have been shut down (this will count as summer vacation).

West Bengal still has relatively low cases at approximately 8000 compared to 75,000 in Maharashtra and 30,000 in UP and 25,000 in Delhi. Although that is no sign of relief. cases even in West Bengal are increasing, slowly but surely. Citizens should follow sanitization and social distancing guidelines, and wear a mask at all cost.

India needs to ramp up its vaccine production and supply which is struggling as a result of Biden restricting exports of raw materials. The Russian Sputnik vaccine has received emergency approval.