Another Brilliant German Show beside Dark Which Could Not Receive The Fame It Deserved

Updated On 21st August 2020

It is safe to presume that Netflix’s Dark is one of the most intriguing web series out there on the internet. The complex narrative spawning over three centuries and three realities, touching on some of the most mystic themes of Science fiction like time travel, quantum physics, nuclear reactions and alternate realities fused with dramatic themes of family, loyalty, sacrifice, identity makes it one of the best web series ever created. And everyone is well assured that there won’t be another show like this in quite some time.

However, this complex, sophisticated science fiction series, despite its grandeur was not really very popular initially which had its fandom and creators troubled that it would not hit the mark it deserves owing up to several factors. The most important being the fact that it was in another language and even though it was later on dubbed in English, it lacks the appeal that the original version holds.

Dark was not exactly very popular until 2020 when Dark and its fandom, successfully, through various means, influenced and intrigued people into finally watching the show, thus narrowly being able to rescue it from going down as a severely underrated show.

However, even if Dark would have failed to gain the attention and importance it is getting now, it would not have been an absolute surprise because German shows lack the visual and lingual aesthetics of Japanese or Korean shows. In fact, unless one is a passionate cinephile or a person who passionately watches web series and movies, it’s very hard to name another show of German origin and How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast), another Netflix web series from Germany is a prime example of this phenomenon.

How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast) Plot

The show revolves around Moritz, a nerdy teenager, who takes to selling drugs (ecstasy) on the deep dark web with his friend Lenny in order to impress the former’s ex-girlfriend Lisa.

The show revolves around how a rather innocent attempt to impress his ex-girlfriend suddenly spirals out of control into a drug empire and how the two teenagers struggle to keep up with it, as the police, as well as anti-social elements, closes down on them in a 6 episode long series. The shoe spawns over hours that quite brilliantly portrays teenage life, drug addiction, deep dark web, business and a lot of other aspects in a very well rounded teen drama series.

The actors, Maximilian Mundt, Anna Lena Klenke were marvellous, the narrative was rather simple but crisp and to the point, the cinematography and the music were also praiseworthy. The only thing it probably lacked was a vibrancy in its visual appeal.

The Dark Truth Of Modern Entertainment Industry

The show is actually the dramatization of an actual incident that occurred in Leipzig. It received way lesser recognition than it deserved and what could have been an award-wining teenage drama was unsuccessful in gaining international appeal and got lost in the crowd just because of the lingual barrier.

In fact, the release of their second season on Netflix this July was almost not celebrated, something which very different from the welcome that the final season of Dark received And this is where the problem starts, where the audience which is English centric is very hard to please and unless there are countless memes, posts, theories and videos on a show, it’s very hard to get the attention.

One might argue that there are plenty of Japanese or Korean shows that have gained huge popularity, however, European shows lack the visual and lingual aesthetics and are way newer in comparison to animes and Korean series. we can only hope that these European series, amongst which only a limited number can hit the amount of attention they deserve, find themselves in a better position in the near future.