The Day I Became a God Cast Members Revealed!

Updated On 31st July 2020

Directed by Yoshiyuki Asai (Charlotte, Fate/Apocrypha), The Day I Became a God anime project was revealed by P.A. Works, Key, and Aniplex in May 2020 along with a PV and an introduction broadcast on ABC TV. Jun Maeda is the original writer of the story and Na-Ga is the character designer, making it the third time after Angel Beats! and Charlotte. Seeing the duo working on another anime together, fans are in great anticipation since Clannad and Angel Beats! was a huge hit.

Hina and Narukami Yota from The Day I Became A God
Credits: P.A. Works

The anime starts with Narukami Yota enjoying his last summer holidays when a childish-looking girl named Hina introduces herself to him. She calls herself the “All-Knowing God” and claims to have godly powers after being mistaken as a maiko. Slowly, Yota and the others realize that the powers she speaks of, are real. Hina then reveals that the world has only thirty days until it ends. The day she was made a god, the world was doomed.

Information on The Day I Became A God (Kamisama Ni Natta Hi) cast members along with a teaser trailer was released on 25th July 2020. The voice acting was pre-recorded. The Kamisama Ni Natta Hi anime will be broadcasted from October 2020.

Sakura Ayane who voiced Nao Tomori in Charlotte will be voicing the lead, Hina. Natsuki Hanae (Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul), Yui Ishikawa (Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan), Ryohei Kimura (Bokuto Kota from Haikyu!!) and Kuwahara Yuki (Isago from Boruto) will be voicing Narukami Yota, Izanami Kyouko, Kokuhou Ashura and Narukami Sora respectively.