Team Coco Launches Yet Another Podcast With Nicole Byer

Conan O'brien and Nicole Byer on her new podacast "Why won't you date me?"

Just when the world thought Mr O’briens time was over, Conan launched his first podcast “Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend” and the world went potatoes. Since then Team Coco started its own podcast universe, partnered with Earwolf.

The newest addition to the universe is “Why Won’t You Date Me” with Nicole Byer where she interviews guests and explores why she is still single.

Everyone remembers Nicole Byer from her famous Conan clip where she shouted ” I want a big d” and Conan bursted into flames.

Nicole had a hard time dating during this “Pandemi” and as usual, her first guest is the man himself, Mr O’brien.

You can listen to “Why Won’t You Date Me” wherever you get your podcasts.