Search: WWW Is The Best K-drama of 2019

Updated On 2nd September 2020

Starring Im Soo-jung, Hye-Jin Jeon and Lee Da-hee, Search: WWW was released in 2019 as a series of 16 episodes. The series took the viewers by surprise due to its female-dominated storyline and its beautiful cinematography.

Bae Ta-Mi (played by Im Soo-jung) is a Director at South Korea’s top web-portal company named Unicon and is the best in what she does. Song Ga-Gyeong (played by Hye-Jin Jeon) is the Manager at Unicon and had laid the foundations of the company along with her. All hell breaks loose when Ga-Gyeong manipulates a real-time keyword under the strict orders of her influential mother-in-law and puts the company in trouble. Bae Ta-Mi is unfairly left jobless after the court hearing and joins Unicon’s competitor Barro to make her success story.

If you’re looking for a reason to start with Search:WWW, there’s plenty!

Girl Swag!

Bae Ta-Mi in Search: WWW

Bae Ta-Mi is the woman no one should mess with. She knows what she’s worth and knows how to get what she wants. No matter what, she won’t stand defeated. We see her intellectual prowess getting the better of her contemporaries and her on-point deduction skills always save the day. Despite going through a middle-age crisis, she holds her ground- whether it’s at work or in love. 

Cha Hyeon is the talented sassy woman who won’t stand harassment. Hell, she’d even go to prison for beating the crap out of a sexual offender! Strong, beautiful and compassionate, she’s the perfect worker at Barro. 

Song Ga-Gyeong is oppressed by her in-laws but will rebel even in her 40s to gain an identity of her own. We see the woman, whose wish was to disappear, slowly build her position and show the world what she’s capable of.

Best Romance in Search: WWW

Search: WWW Park Morgan and Ta-Mi

Bae Ta-Mi and Park Morgan is the power couple throughout the series. They are completely different in every aspect but end up loving each other anyway. Park Morgan is the ultimate caring boyfriend anybody would want. Cha Hyeon lives her dream fairytale as she dates the actor she has fangirled over for a long time. Song Ga-Gyeong doesn’t seem to have the perfect love life or “romantic comedy”. But, as we progress we see how the chemistry between Ga-Gyeong and her husband is a beautiful one-an unspoken bond that withstands every storm.

Search: WWW Cinematography And Aesthetics

Park Morgan and Bae Ta-Mi in Search: WWW

Search: WWW is not only the best for its ingenious plot but also its beautiful cinematography and aesthetics. The setting is always appealing to the eyes- be in it Park Morgan’s house, the classic bench, or a cafe. No one can deny that the characters look iconic in whatever they wear. Be it Bae Ta-Mi’s silk shirts, Ga-Gyeong’s black formals or Cha Hyeon’s purple suit- everything is PERFECT!

The Uncanny Resemblance To Reality 

Park Morgan from Search: WWW crying

The best thing about the series is that it’s very realistic. It gives us a chance to see the competitive sides of big web portal tycoons. We find ourselves stressing over decisions and tumbling to the finish line the way the characters do. We cry with Park Morgan as he loses his mother, and feel the internal conflict as Ta-mi tries to adjust herself to a jobless life. And, it goes without saying, that we feel the love blossoming between two people and all the hardships of conjugal life.