Top 15 Anime Songs by Risa Oribe (LiSA)

Risa Oribe, popularly known by her stage name LiSA, started her musical career when she was just a high-school student. After her first band, named Chucky, disbanded in 2008, she joined another band named Love is All Sama where she formed her stage name LiSA. She is widely known for her anime songs such as Angel Beats and Demon Slayer.

In 2012 she was nominated as Animation Artist of the Year at Billboard Japan Music Awards and won a Japan Gold Disk Award for her song Gurenge in 2020.

Here are the top 15 anime songs by LiSA!

Gurenge (Demon Slayer)

Gurenge Demon Slayer

Crossing Field (Sword Art Online)

Crossing Field Sword Art Online

Oath Sign (Fate/Zero)

Oath Sign Fate/Zero

From the Edge (Demon Slayer)

From the Edge Demon Slayer

Rally Go Round (Nisekoi)

Rally Go Round Nisekoi

My Soul, Your Beats! (Angel Beats!)

My Soul, Your Beats! Angel Beats!

Datte Atashi no Hero (My Hero Academia)

Datte Atashi no Hero My Hero Academia

[numbertext text=’Thousand Enemies (Angel Beats!)’ bignumber=08 smallnumber=15 format=’h2′]

Thousand Enemies Angel Beats!

[numbertext text=’Ichiban no Takaramono (Angel Beats!)’ bignumber=09 smallnumber=15 format=’h2′]

Ichiban no Takaramono Angel Beats!

[numbertext text=’No More Time Machine (Sword Art Online III)’ bignumber=10 smallnumber=15 format=’h2′]

No More Time Machine Sword Art Online III

[numbertext text=’Shine Days (Angel Beats!)’ bignumber=11 smallnumber=15 format=’h2′]

Shine Days Angel Beats!

[numbertext text=’Rising Hope (Mahouka)’ bignumber=12 smallnumber=15 format=’h2′]

Rising Hope Mahouka

[numbertext text=’ASH (Fate/Apocrypha)’ bignumber=13 smallnumber=15 format=’h2′]

ASH Fate/Apocrypha

[numbertext text=’Headphone Actor (Mekakucity Actors)’ bignumber=14 smallnumber=15 format=’h2′]

Headphone Actor Mekakucity Actors

[numbertext text=’Yuuki Yesterday (Mekakucity Actors)’ bignumber=15 smallnumber=15 format=’h2′]

Yuuki Yesterday Mekakucity Actors