Netflix Dark- A Journey Through Time and Worlds.

Updated On 21st August 2020

The Original Series, Netflix Dark is swinging in the air with its third and the final season that had been released on the 27th of June, 2020. Having made a place in people’s hearts with its bombastic and mind-blowing season 1 and season 2, Netflix Dark had left its viewers with ample questions and an appetite for a reasonable and yet a pre-eminent ending.

Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese have successfully been able to give justice to the hype that the previous seasons had exalted it to with a more perplexing Season 3 and correspondingly, beautifully establishing each element in this show with a pellucid ending which is sure to leave its viewers in utter amazement and emotional turbulence.

Set in a fictional town of Winden in Germany, ‘Dark’ begins its tale with a child gone missing providing an arena to Winden Police to open records of the past, precisely 33 years before when the town witnessed a similar occurrence. Ulrich Nielson, a headstrong police officer took up the case and to be noted, a little too personally, since his own brother, Mads Nielson, vanished in 1986 without any trace. After Eric Obendorf, the first child to get missing in 2019, Ulrich’s own son, Mikkel Nielson gets lost in the caves and is never found in 2019.

With a completely unforeseeable episode where we find the same boy coming out of the same cave, walking back home in broad daylight in the same town but in a completely different time(33 years prior) in the year 1986, this tale took a sharp and an enigmatic turn, broadening the spectrum of the series from a mere child-missing case to a mystical time- travelling cave.

This horror, German Sci-fi features an intricate plot with more convoluted relations between people. Primarily focussing on four families, namely- Kahnwald, Nielson, Tiedmann and Doppler, it establishes complexity in the family tree that trailed down through generations projecting three different timelines, in the past, present and future.

With the enormousness of characters like Noah, Charlotte, H.G Tanenhaus, Greta and others, the viewer gets bewildered and with stupendous resolutions, in the end, the same gets enthralled. From complexity in families to complexity in timelines to complexity in alternate worlds, this series takes you on a trip through the desperations of petty humans trying to solve the maze knitted by time and space leading to a preternatural occurrence of events. Initially accounting the contention of two parties – Noah and Claudia, the show made us believe it is about the struggle to capture control on time.

With the release of season 3, the vulnerability of all these characters are exposed and all we see are these potent characters acting as pawns in the game of time and space continuum. Incorporating theories like a bootstrap paradox and Schrodinger’s cat experiment to explain the turn of events, this show closes emerging out as one of the finest series ever made featuring actors like Louis Hofmann, Oliver Masucci, Lisa Vicari, Maja Schöne, only to enlist a handful. Amazing direction, outstanding screenplay, Apparat’s music and detailed cinematography makes this series a piece of art taking a tour to philosophy, science and literature.