This is Why Nana to Kaoru is The Best Seinen S&M Manga Out There

Nana to Kaoru is an ongoing Japanese erotic manga, centered around two high schoolers named Kaoru Sugimura and Nana Chigusa. A masterpiece by Ryuta Amazume, Nana to Kaoru consists of 18 volumes in Nana to Kaoru (2008-2016), Nana to Kaoru Black Label (2011-2014), Nana Kao Pink Pure (2014), Nana to Kaoru ~Koukousei no SM gokko~ (2019-2020).

Nana holding Kaoru
Credits: Ryuta Amazume

Seventeen-year-old Kaoru is an S&M fanatic who hoards BDSM toys and magazines in the form of collectibles. Nana is the childhood friend of Kaoru who is a beautiful and perfect student. Kaoru often fantasizes about her while meddling with erotic magazines and costumes. The manga starts with Nana beginning to lose her grip over her position as a class topper. Her teacher advises her to take a break from her usual routine to restore her spirit which leads to Nana experimenting with S&M, guided by Kaoru.

The seinen manga is a masterpiece when it comes to the plot, the execution, and most importantly the artwork. It starts out with breather sessions but that is not all! Love is in the air sooner than we expect! The manga not only offers BDSM aesthetics but also the romance we all crave. The Dom and Sub dynamics are well portrayed in the series, meticulously touching upon areas of S&M play. The characters are lovable and the readers get attached to them easily.

Nana to Kaoru is not about one particular couple. With time, we meet people who are connected to them and their stories. It shows how BDSM is not just about sexual gratification but rather a medium of trust and- love. Whether it’s for Mitsuke Tachibana or Ryoko Tachi, S&M becomes the red thread of fate binding everyone together. It is the ultimate seinen manga that has something to offer every reader.