Loki: Episode 2- The Doctor Who of Marvel

Updated On 18th June 2021

Spoiler Alert for Loki Season 1 Episode 2

Loki’s second episode is all about the TVA hunting the Variant, a plotline that was already established in the first episode. Loki(Tom Hiddleston) and Mobius(Owen Wilson) go hand-in-hand travelling through time in an attempt to find the mysterious Loki Variant who has been on a murder spree throughout time. The Variant has definitely been spicing things up for the TVA.

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In the newest episode, Loki joins hands with the TVA to hunt down the Variant that has been wreaking havoc through timelines. Fans have been going crazy at the build-up of something big happening and episode 2 of Loki raised the anticipations even more. The episode starts with Loki becoming a part of the TVA although his jacket still reads “Variant”. The episode named “The Variant” sees the amazing duo of Loki and Mobius travelling through time to catch the Loki Variant. Mobius and Loki make a killer duo with snarky remarks being thrown from each side as the two try to figure each other out. The TVA along with Loki travel to Wisconsin in the year 1985 to rescue C-20 and her team (agents of TVA) who went dark after trying to investigate the 1985 branch. The “kind” of Loki still remains unknown at the beginning of the episode. Although, Loki clears out that it is definitely the “lesser kind” of Loki that has been leading the TVA on a cat and mouse chase through Time itself. It is important to note that this is the first time we see the Loki Variant using “mind-control” powers, something that Loki had only achieved through the use of the Tesseract. But, here we see more of a Wanda type mind control with the use of hands and glowy green eyes.

Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson in Loki
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It is clear that Loki had started liking being a part of the TVA, investigating his own self. As he dives deeper into the investigation he finds out more about himself and his future self. In a key moment from the episode, Loki’s humanity shines through as he reads about Ragnarok and tears up at the mention of the Asgardian population being wiped out. It is evident that Loki really cared about the people of Asgard even though he was the God of Mischief. Loki uses his powers to try and catch a version of his own self and he finally figures it out while learning about Ragnarok. The God of Mischief believed that the other Loki Variant was hiding in catastrophic natural calamities which were responsible for wiping out entire civilizations. As a way to prove his theory, Loki and Mobius go to Pompeii in 79AD before its destruction and even after Loki’s clown worthy interruptions, no Variant energy is detected. It is almost gleeful to watch the Asgardian stand in front of the volcanic eruption and laugh before the city is buried in Lava.

Loki's Frost Giant Form
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There are countless wholesome moments between Loki and Mobius. Loki uses Mobius’ salad and fills it up with salt and juice to prove his point all while Mobius is pining over his lunch. They even talk about the absurdity of their origin stories- one being through the timekeepers and the other through Norse Gods. We even find out about Mobius and his love for jet skis. It is safe to say that Loki gets comedic timing perfect. We even see a glimpse of a Variant Loki with blue skin that looks a lot like Loki’s Frost Giant form.

The Timekeepers
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The investigating duo soon finds out that the Variant is hiding in a superstore named Roxxcart in 2050 Alabama during a catastrophic event. TVA agents storm the creepy superstore as the flickering lights add to the atmosphere. This is where things get interesting. Mobius had already talked about the different Loki Variants and their powers. However, this is probably the first time we see Loki using telekinesis as a part of his power. We also see the extent of a possible Lady Loki’s powers as she transfers her consciousness through various people and still effortlessly overpowers Loki. Lady Loki also may have telepathic powers as she seems to hear Loki’s thoughts before answering, “This isn’t about you.” However, it is quite possible that this Variant is not Lady Loki at all but may just be Sylvie aka the Enchantress. For non-comic book fans, Lady Loki is a reincarnation of Loki’s soul in a female body that took place after the events of Ragnarok. The Enchantress, Sylvie Lushton was another comic character who was given great mystic powers by Loki when he created her as a tool for chaos. The female Variant played by Sophia Di Martino’s features are a lot more similar to the Enchantress than to Lady Loki.

Sophia Di Martino as the Variant
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She finally bombs the superstore with the use of the reset charges she had stolen from TVA agents and creates branches throughout time and space. The screens of the TVA shows quite a number of places and time perhaps giving us an insight of the time travel that is going to take place in Loki. In a heated moment of having to choose between staying back with Mobius or going after a possible Lady Loki, Loki chooses to run after her. The conflict of the choice can be seen in his eyes as he makes a last-minute dash towards the Variant and leaves Mobius exasperated.

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So, what happens when a Nexus event branches the red line? The answer to that question might be in the next episode of Loki which airs on 23rd June 2021.