Killing Stalking Review: A Lezhin Comics Manhwa

Updated On 17th September 2020

Killing Stalking, as the name suggests, is a psychological thriller manwha about a stalker and a killer. Though the Killing Stalking manwha has been tagged as yaoi, it is much more than that. It deals with triggering concepts like mental disorders, suicide, self-harm, abuse, and even homophobia to a certain extent. The Killing Stalking ending (TM) is by far the most confusing yaoi manwha endings. A lot of it is left unsaid and for readers to assume which, frankly, is a very good decision.
Fair warning, if you are looking for a black and white analysis, this isn’t one, the whole thing is one big grey blob of uncertainties. Nobody is innocent.
This review of Killing Stalking will be as discrete as possible while explaining everything, so as not to give away big spoilers.

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The Killing Stalking Plot

Killing Stalking is a psychological horror-thriller manwha, published on Lezhin Comics by Koongi, and it revolves around the lives of a killer and a stalker, and their ugly collusive relationship that forms due to Stockholm syndrome and other mental diseases like Borderline personality disorders coming into play. (P.S- At times it is really disturbing, but still a great read).
People must remember not to romanticize Yoonbum and Sangwoo’s relationship as it was born out of obsession and abuse. It is extremely unhealthy to a point at which romanticizing it might seem like promoting abusing relationships. Killing stalking isn’t your regular enemies to lovers trope which people idolize, its a good, though the exaggerated account of mental illnesses and its consequences when left untreated.

The Killing Stalking Protagonists:


Killing Stalking Yoon Bum
Credits: Koongi

A man in his late twenties with a penchant for stalking his ‘objects of affections’, which just happens to be the other protagonist of the story, Oh Sangwoo. Bum spends months stalking Sangwoo (don’t stalk people guys, its wrong). He tries multiple times to break into Sangwoo’s house by cracking its passcode. which he ultimately did.

This boy, I kid you not, actually was in denial of his unhealthy behaviour! The Stockholm syndrome is strong with this one. Of all the characters that Killing Stalking gave us, Bum is the most pitiable. He was raped regularly for years by his uncle. This continued during his time in the military where he was sexually abused, not to mention the plethora of abuse he was subjected to during his stay with Sangwoo. The fact that he was under the impression that Sangwoo cared for him is irrelevant as the Stockholm syndrome kicked in and mixed with his obsession with Sangwoo in general. It is safe to say that he was right in the middle of an unsolvable mess.


Killing Stalking Oh Sangwoo
Credits: Koongi

In Killing SStalking, Sangwoo will give you actual chills. It’s not only because he’s a cold-hearted murderer but also because of his unpredictable nature. Take for example that the first response to a home intruder was to seriously injure him and throw him into his basement. The man murdered a person simply because he was disgusted by him. He really does seem to have no chill from the start. But, as we progress deeper into the story, you’ll find how he has all these layers to him. His problems had manifested at a young age, generated from years and years of abuse, neglect, and untreated mental illnesses. His troubled childhood, which we get to see later on in the Killing Stalking manwha, just touches the surface of what he has been dealt with.


Killing Stalking Yang Seungbae
Credits: Koongi

Seungbae is a skeptic police officer. He always second-guesses everything that he gets assigned to. Living with a single father, who was also paranoid for his son’s safety and for keeping the family running, led to him not believing in it at all. His hatred for Sangwoo develops fast and surely. He goes into an episode over his demotion, and that adds another layer to his character. He too has shown multiple symptoms of mental illnesses.

If you want a rosy yaoi fix, Killing Stalking will not be something that you will immediately enjoy, it has triggering topics brought to light.

Things That Stood Out

The correct portrayal of abusive relationships:

Killing Stalking perfectly portrays the relationship between Sangwoo and Yoon Bum. Yoon Bum is presumably bi. Sangwoo is straight, according to the koogi. To Sangwoo, unfamiliar with love, craved for it. He tried to, through Yoon Bum, gain closure. He was shown clothing Bum in his mother’s clothes, the cause of his psychotic behavior. Mental health is a big issue. It may not be talked about a lot in manwhas, but Killing Stalking did a great job of shedding the light of less talked about mental illness, mostly which are connected to childhood trauma, even if none of them got treated.

Things that were triggering:

Mental health is a big issue. Although the Killing Stalking manwha focuses heavily on mental disorders, it does not shed light on any of it being treated or absolved. It does no justice to any character’s past issues. None of them seemed to get the end that they deserved. For example, Suengbae, never got to save Yoon Bum like he wanted to.
It is not for everyone. The themes like gore, sexual abuse, mental abuse, choice of tropes, aren’t meant for everyone. Some might even find it triggering.

Many were saddened by the fact that the manwha portrayed people with mental diseases never getting out of them or finding their deserved closure. Their overcoming, triumphing over grief.

The Final Verdict:

This isn’t a read for the faint hearts. Killing Stalking has made a name for itself in the yaoi community where people constantly romanticize the relationship between Yoon Bum and Sangwoo fetishizing its dynamics without proper knowledge. What the author aimed to show was the deteriorating mental health of multiple troubled people. It shows how dreary situations can turn people into something else entirely.