Killing Stalking Ending Explained

Updated On 17th September 2020
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The Killing Stalking ending has left multitudes of fans wanting more. Everybody had questions in their head about the hasty end of the manhwa. Even though one may not be satisfied with how it ended, no other ending could’ve been better than the one Koogi, the manhwa artist portrayed.

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Killing Stalking Yoon Bum losing his mind, upon being hit with the realization that Sangwoo is dead
Credits: Koogi

It was insinuated that Sangwoo was smothered to death, quite simply, choked by a pillow at the hospital. Call it what you may, but, the sheer repartee of Sangwoo dying in the same way that his mother had once implemented to rid of him in childhood, really strikes a chord. Given that it almost seemed like a premonition of sorts.

Another way to look at it could be that Sangwoo, a lust killer (it is the type of homicide where the killer finds sexual gratification from the death of a human being) went after people who closely resembled his mother. To gain some unhealthy satisfaction in revenge for all the tortures that his subconscious mind wasn’t able to overcome. It needs to be taken into account of the sexual nature that he shared with his mother. His death was the epitome of irony that he of all people was killed, by asphyxiation.


Killing Stalking Yoon Bum's mind making up illusions
Credits: Koogi

Now, the fact that whether Bum died or not had been left to the readers, as the artist made the ending ambiguous. But, it is heavily implied that he did infact pass away. It’s satisfying to assume he’s dead though, solely because the nature of death that was chosen for him was quite valid. He died, chasing a vision of Sangwoo, which was exactly what got him into the entire mess in the first place. Yoon bum’s savior had been Sangwoo. It’s only fair that the reason for his death is also Sangwoo.

After all, to Bum, Sangwoo was the one who saved him when no one else cared. Yoon Bum realized too late that the Sangwoo he worshipped was just a figment of his imagination, something that his mind made up. He was in love with a monster. Once again, after he found out about Sangwoo’s death, Yoon Bum gave into his treacherous mind. Unable to separate fiction from reality, he started chasing after a dead man. He was, hence, once again made to pay for his fallacy, this time, maybe, with his own life.


Killing Stalking Seungbae speeding after Yoon Bum
Credits: Koogi

Seungbae’s ending can be considered a little controversial. There is a possibility it was he who was the reason for Yoon Bum’s death. However, that might now be the case as it was a truck coming towards Bum. In the last chapter of the manwha, it is seen that Seungbae, upon finding out about Yoon Bum’s escape, races after him to the hospital where Sangwoo was kept, assuming that must be where Yoon bum can be found. He, however, is greatly bemused that not only has Yoon Bum left from there, but he has also taken along with him the remains of Sangwoo (who has already passed away and has been cremated). He then speeds after Yoon Bum’s presumed location, which is Sangwoo’s old home in a car.

The fact that Seungbae ultimately did not end up saving Yoon Bum, and also wasn’t able to exact revenge on Sangwoo.Unlike Sangwoo and Yoon Bum’s ends, Seungbae’s end isn’t what one can call ideal. The Killing Stalking ending makes us muse over the various outcomes, which might have been what Koogi wanted from his readers.

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