Kanye West Claims He Wants To divorce Spouse Kim Kardashian

Updated On 4th August 2020

Rapper Kanye West, on Monday, 20th June tweeted that he wanted to divorce his wife of 6 years, Kim Kardashian for meeting with American rapper Meek Mill. The pair presumably met at the Waldorf Astoria New York luxury hotel. According to West. Kim and Meek crossed paths at the Inaugral Criminal Justice Reform Summit, Los Angeles in 2018. Kanye hinted at Kim’s unfaithfulness in his controversial tweet.
Kanye has been more active lately on social media taking twitter by a storm. He also tweeted about mother-in-law Kris Jenner being a ‘white supremacist’ and even said he’d be willing to war against her.

It’s not the first time that Kanye has put the internet ablaze. He announced on the 4th of July that he was going to run for the US Presidential bid for 2020. Kanye is going against President Donald Trump, whom he supported and endorsed during his last campaign and Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Kanye’s tweet announcing that he will be running for President.

Kanye held his first presidential campaign rally in North Charleston, South Carolina. In the event, Kanye spoke about his father’s desire to abort him. The hour-long event covered topics like abortion, marijuana legalization, education, and so on. All the people who attended the event were asked to sign a COVID-19 liability release form, wear masks and social distance.

There have been talks about how Kanye’s stint was actually a ploy to get votes away from Biden. Kanye had previously been Quite vocal about supporting Trump in his Campaigns. Kanye’s previous scandals involve him advocating for pro-life, peevishly remarking slavery was ‘a choice’.He had even accepted that he was a sexual abuser and had apologized for it.

Kanye’s fans have made bizarre claims about his running for the presidency is actually him promoting his new album! Many are vehemently against this. They don’t want Kanye to run for elections. Never the less, Kanye west has created quite the stir.