Everything You Need To Know About Kamisama Kiss Season 3

Updated On 27th February 2021

Since the release of Kamisama Kiss Kako-hen in 2015, fans have been eagerly waiting for the release of Kamisama Kiss season 3. Five years have passed since then, but there’s been no announcement about the release of the new season. It is doubtable whether there will be a new season at all. It is a long wait but it might be worth it. Let’s all hope the production house comes out with an announcement of Kamisama Kiss Season 3 by 2021. 

Kamisama Kiss is a shoujo anime based on the manga named Kamisama Hajimememashita by Julietta Suzuki. Its first season, containing 12 episodes, aired from 2012. The second season, premiered in January 2015 as a series of 12 episodes, was followed by OVAs like Kamisama Kiss Kako-hen.

Nanami is left homeless after she fails to pay the rent and all her belongings are seized due to the encumbered debts of her gambler father. As she roams around hopeless, she finds a man climbing a tree while being chased by a dog. The man, on being saved by Nanami, directs her towards an abandoned shrine for shelter as a sign of gratitude. On reaching the shrine, she finds it inhabited by a handsome fox demon named Tomoe and other spirits. Through Tomoe, Onikiri, Kotetsu, and the shining mark on her forehead, she learns that she is now the land god. 

The anime gained popularity due to its fantastical storyline and the beautiful character designs. Its similarity with the anime named Inuyasha had also attracted many viewers.