Every Thing You Need To Know About The New Harry Potter T.V. Series

Since we last saw Hogwarts Express Depart from Platfrom 9 3/4, we have been waiting for it to return. Now finally after almost a decade we can hear the rumble.

HBO is reportedly working on the early stages of The Harry Potter T.V. Series. Although its now too early to tell what would the storyline be about, who will play the lead roles. But one thing we know for sure is we don’t want it to be a mini series.

The latest we saw from the beloved franchise (Not including The Fantastic Beast Series) was Harry Potter And The Cursed Child that ruined all our favourite characters. Although it was not written by J.k Rowling, the billionaire writer said it was canon.

Now when it comes to HBO, we are yet to receive any official updates. But no matter what a trip to The Wizarding world will be worth it.