Everything We Know About Conan Obrien’s New HBO Max Show

Updated On 29th June 2021

June 24th, 2021 was a sad and emotional day for all the comedy fans. The king of Late Night Conan O’Brien ended the third rendition of his late-night talk show, “Conan on TBS“. The final episode aired from the Largo theatre with Jack Black and Will Ferrel as guests.

But for all the coneheads out there, its not end of the world. As announced officially Conan will return to the screen, this time on HBO Max, HBO’s streming platform.

There is not much information available as the details of the show is still under discussion.

When will Conan’s new show air?

On an interview with The View, Andy Richter revealed, Conan’s new show will start on HBO Max show sometime in 2022. Richter added that Conan’s HBO Max Show might be a much smaller show or a larger one and that details are still unknown.

Will Conan Take his crew with him?

What separates Conan’s show from his late-night peers, is that over the years we have grown not only to love Conan but his entire crew, including but not limited to producer and fake Italian Jordan Schlanksy, assistant Sona Movsesseian, head writer Matt O’Brien actors and writers Andrés du Bouchet, Jessie Gaskell and more.

According to Andy Richter, Conan told the entire crew that he cannot make any promises as the details of the show is still under negotiation.