This Deleted Scene From Harry Potter Will Make You Fall In Love With Dudley Dursley

The name of Dudley Dursley always reminds us of a tyrant and an immense bully, whenever we hear it. But there is more to the character of Dudley Dursley than was portrayed in the films. One of the most character-defining scenes that didn’t make the final cut of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was The Dursleys Departing from 14, Privet Drive.

The Dursleys’ are hurrying to get out of the house and move to a somewhere safe where The Order Of Pheonix will protect them from Lord Voldemort. Just before they are about to get into the car, Dudley asks his father whether Harry will be leaving with them. To which Vernon replies no, with a tone of obviousness. Dudley starts walking towards Harry, his eyes overwhelmed with emotions. “You are not a waste of space,” said Dudley. Somewhere between all the bullying and tyranny, he had found a friend. That moment was a representation of Dudley thanking Harry for saving him from the Dementors. They shook hands, perhaps for the first time in their life and bid farewell.

Why Was The Scene Important?

The scene was important as it shows the emotional bonding of Harry and his foster family. It shows how there is redemption even in strenuous relationships. This scene has hidden emotional residues tied to the reluctant cousins, Harry and Dudley. All magic and differences aside, they were connected by blood.

This scene shows that even when people have disagreements and don’t like each other very much, they are not what we call “Enemies”. For the same reason, Draco did not reveal Harry’s true identity to Bellatrix.

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