David Schwimmer And The Rest Of The Cast have Started Shooting The Friends Reunion

Updated On 4th April 2021
friends reunion

Finally, the prayers of billions of fans have been answered. The studio finally decided its time to bring the world’s favourite group of friends together in a reunion. David Schwimmer was on The Graham Norton Show promoting the British sitcom Intelligence, where he revealed that the cast will begin shooting the reunion next week. Not only that, he left early as he was flying to Los Angeles for the same.

It has been 17 years since the last episode aired and left everyone with a broken heart. Since then there was silence until a couple of years back, someone made a fake Friends Reunion trailer and uploaded it to youtube. The video got millions of hits. Everyone thought it was real including Lisa Kudrow who plays the quirky Pheobe. Since then there have been rumours that the studio has been working on the reunion.

david schwimmer on the graham norton show
Credits: BBC

What Do We Know About The Plot

Schwimmer revealed that he won’t be back as Ross, the world’s favourite palaeontologist. Instead, he will be playing himself. Schwimmer later added that although the cast won’t be playing the characters there will be a special “reading sequence“. We speculate that the cast will come together and read their favourite scenes.

But there is no reason to be disheartened yet. After Schwimmer left, Graham Norton, the host of the show revealed that that what Schwimmer said, might have been a bluff and that the cast might actually play the real friends. Let’s just hope that is the case.