Cole Sprouse Confirms Breakup With Lili Reinhart

Updated On 20th August 2020

Riverdale actors Cole Sprouse confirms breakup with co-star and girlfriend Lili Reinhart. The couple started dating back in 2017 while the Netflix TV Series Riverdale was still airing. Several rumours about their breakup had been circulating the internet since 2019, all of which had been bogged down by Reinhart’s tweets against them. In May 2020, Skeet Ulrich had subtly revealed their breakup while he was live on Instagram.

On 20th August 2020, Sprouse writes in an Instagram post about how the couple had decided on permanently splitting up from May 2020. The 28-year-old actor then proceeded to promote the film Chemical Hearts starring Lili Reinhart.

“Lili and I initially separated in January of this year, deciding to more permanently split in March. What an incredible experience I had, I’ll always feel lucky and cherish that I had a chance to fall in love. I wish her nothing but the utmost love and happiness moving forward. All I’ll say about it, anything else you hear doesn’t matter. Also, her movie comes out soon! I’m sure she’s just as incredible in it as everything else she does. Thanks, guys.”

Cole Sprouse On his instagram post

Lili Reinhart’s words (on her depression as clarified by Lili later) in the interview with Refinery29 had got people talking before the post. In the interview, she had revealed that her therapist had informed her about the emotional changes in her: “You’re body’s going through withdrawal from love.”

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