Cells at Work!: Code Black Official Trailer Released

Updated On 27th February 2021

Finally a new spin-off series after Cells At Work! The trailer of Cells at Work!: Code Black was finally released on 6th September 2020 and it gives us a glimpse of the character designs as well as the plot. The anime series is scheduled to be aired on January 2021. 

Characters from Cells at Work!: Code Black
Credits: Liden Films

Produced by Liden Films, Cells at Work!: Code Black is based on the manga by the same name written by Shigemitsu Harada. The protagonist of the anime is a new Red Blood Cell who has joined the other 37 trillion of his kind to keep an adult body functioning. We see the cells struggling to keep up with the various hazards thrown at their path by the adult body. When the adult person fails to take care of himself, smokes or drinks too much, the cells become weak with cholesterol and other problems. The cells keep yelling and fighting the hazard and it is commotion. It is always Code Black.

We see a duo of a red blood cell and a white blood cell in the series as they fight for their lives in the human body they are in. The white blood cell is shown to be a brave female with amazing fighting capabilities whereas the newbie red blood cell struggles to conform to emergencies and learn to survive. The white blood cell is committed to her work and keeps encouraging her companion to do the same.

Cells at Work!: Code Black is going to be a fun seinen series, with cells in warrior and their heartfelt story of sacrifice. The fans have noticed the reversal of the genders of the duo with respect to the previous series Cells at Work! and cannot wait to see the cells in action again.