All I See Is You Ending Explained (2016)

Updated On 7th September 2020

All I See Is You is a 2016 thriller directed by Marc Foster. The film stars Blake Lively and Jason Clarke as the loving couple whose love soon turns sour. The film has left quite a number of its viewers scratching their heads at the ending. The shooting style of the movie is unique and leaves you feeling as vulnerable as Gina.

All I See Is You is confusing and leaves the viewers wanting more. It brings up more questions than it can answer. Gina(Blake Lively) is a blind woman who loses her eyesight as a kid in a car crash. She marries James (Jason Clarke) who is an insurance worker. James has the upper hand since Gina is blind and relies on him. She soon gets good news from her ophthalmologist, Dr Hughes (Danny Huston) about an opening for surgery. One eye surgery later, Gina regains her eyesight in her right eye. Her entire world view changes, quite literally. The Ending of All I See Is You is truly confusing as it transitions from one scene to another without really giving a meaningful explanation to the audience.

1. “It’s not the same.”

Blake Lively in All I See Is You
Source: Open Road Films

Soon after Gina’s eye surgery, her world view takes a 360-degree turn. She can see again but her imagination doesn’t seem the be the same as reality. James and their flat specifically. Even though James does ask her if the difference is bad, she denies it. Their love life also takes a turn for the worse. James does not feel the same dominance he had over Gina when she was blind. Gina’s submissive nature also undergoes a drastic change. She starts to explore her promiscuous and wild side more which James does not like at all. His disapproval is very evident and it might be this which leads him to intentionally tamper with Gina’s eyedrops.

2. Did James Tamper with Gina’s eye drops?

Jason Clarke in All I See Is You
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In one word, yes. Right off the bat, James seemed unhappy with Gina and her behaviour after the surgery. There are two scenes in the movie which imply that James tampered with the eye drops.

Gina and James start having marital problems immediately after returning from Spain. When Gina takes out her eye drops, one of them is empty while the other one is full. She takes out both and opens the seal on the new eye drops. Exactly at that moment, James tells Gina that her sister had called. She goes out to talk to her sister while James enters the bathroom and looks at the bottles on the sink. In the next scene, Gina enters the bathroom and uses the previously empty eyedrop. This heavily implies that James had diluted her eyedrops with water.

Afterwards, Gina’s eyes start watering up and she visits her doctor who lets her know that her eye drops were not the same as prescribed. She lets everyone know of her declining eyesight but starts using samples from the hospital. On the other hand, James starts to get suspicious about his wife’s blindness. His confirmations are proven true when he goes back to their previous house and finds empty sample bottles of eyedrops.

3. Importance of the song, “Double Dutch” from All I See Is You.

Blake LiIvely in All I See Is You
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Gina finds a letter which reveals that James staged the home invasion to take away Ginger and hence stripping her off her sole responsibility. The letter stated that the writer had rescued the dog but would not be returning her back because “when I look into her eyes, she looks back at me, and that is what love is.” This line is also referenced in the song lyrics, “It makes me happy and all I see is you”.

Source: Open Road Films

James finds the stash of empty eye drops and realises that Gina might have been lying about her blindness. He still goes to watch her performance where Gina’s song makes everything crystal clear to him. Gina had been faking her blindness which is confirmed when she looks directly at him in the middle of the song. Through the entirety of the song, one line stands out among the others, “It makes me happy and all I see is you”. It might seem like a very general statement of love but Gina sings it with the bitterness of only seeing her happiness in James when she was blind. It is also a condescending way of her telling James how her happiness revolved around “seeing” him and yet he wanted to take away her eyesight.

4. What Happens at the End of All I See Is You?

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Gina knew of James tampering with the eye drops but was unaware of his fertility issues. The baby was not his but Daniel’s (Wes Chatham) and he runs out of the school. In a rage over his wife’s adultery and his own mistakes, he drives into an oncoming truck inside a tunnel (heavily referencing the accident of Gina’s car) and dies. Gina has the baby and looks at it, finally getting the freedom of having responsibilities and choices.

Source: Open Road Films

The last shot is also taken in the form of a POV shot like most of the movie (Point of view). The camera technique is very interesting as it shows her looking at her baby and cuts to a dark screen. Perhaps, Gina loses her eyesight or maybe the camera work is purely unintentional.  Whatever the case, the movie still leaves a lot to be explored and a lot of questions unanswered. The movie does a good job of diving into the psychological nature of humans by showing James’ reluctance of giving Gina any form of freedom over her life. All I See Is You digs deep into the human psyche showing the true colours of an over-possessive and controlling husband while dealing with Gina discovering sexuality in a whole new way.