10 Lesser Known Facts About Harry Potter That Will Blow Your Mind

There are a lot of unknown or lesser-known trivia related to the multi-million dollar franchise of Harry Potter, some of which would be sure to blow the reader’s mind. Read on to learn more about them here.

Rowling brainstormed the ideas of the four Hogwarts houses on a barf bag.

You never know when inspiration strikes you and that is exactly what J. K. Rowling did. Rowling, author of the amazingly popular Harry Potter fantasy series, revealed in Twitter in December 2017 that she had originally jotted down the complex House names on an airplane vomit bag while travelling. She said and we quote, “The best thing I ever wrote on was an aeroplane sick bag. Came up with the Hogwarts houses on it.” Some other sources say she let out the information while on a school tour in the U.S. in the year 2000. The website on Scholastic Books says she answered several questions by young fans amongst which she was asked this.
“What made you think of the people’s names and dormitories at Hogwarts?
A: I invented the names of the Houses on the back of an airplane sick bag! This is true. I love inventing names, but I also collect unusual names, so that I can look through my notebook and choose one that suits a new character.”
Nevertheless, it still remains a mind-blowing fact about Rowling’s book and how writers and their queer minds work.

The protagonist of Harry Potter could have been played by Haley Joel Osment.

As unbelievable as it may sound, Daniel Radcliffe was not the first choice to play Potter. At a time when Steven Speilberg was linked with the directions for the films, he wanted to cast Haley Joel Osment, the Sixth Sense star. But he eventually resigned after a skirmish with Rowling. Chris Columbus was thus taken and he went on to cast Daniel after a long search for the perfect actor.

In Hogwarts, there is a magic quill which records the birth of a magical child

Ever wondered, how Hogwarts gets to know about the magical children born all over London? And no, the Ministry of Magic doesn’t have a hand in it. It is solely a magical quill which detects the birth of a Magical child and records it in a journal. Rowling herself mentioned it in the interview in the school tour in the year 2000. She said, “The Ministry of Magic doesn’t find out which children are magic. In Hogwarts, there’s a magical quill which detects the birth of a magical child and writes his or her name down in a large parchment book. Every year Professor McGonagall checks the book, and sends owls to the people who are turning 11.” So much for the letter to Hogwarts!

The one real-life person in Hogwarts

If you have read or come across the name of Natalie Mcdonald in The Goblet of Fire, you will be moved by the story of this introduction. Natalie Mcdonald was a huge Potterhead fan who was 9 years old and was sick with terminal leukaemia when her mother sent Rowling a letter to which Rowling did reply. Rowling shared all the plot details and structures with Natalie, 11 months before the release of the book. Natalie, though, did pass away and to pay a fitting tribute, Rowling reincarnated Natalie into the book and sorted her into Gryffindor.

Peeves was a character who was filmed but later excluded from the Harry Potter films.

Rik Mayall was cast as Peeves in the films but later cut because the children on set would always giggle whenever he would do the set. He would be sent off each time this would happen. In an interview with BBC America, he mentioned this.
“I got sent off the set because every time I tried to do a bit of acting, all the lads who were playing the school kids kept getting the giggles, they kept corpsing, so they threw me off. Well, they asked me to do it with my back to them and they still laughed. So they asked me to do it around the other side of the cathedral and shout my lines, but they still laughed so they said they’d do my lines with someone else. So then I did a little bit of filming, then I went home and I got the money. That’s significant. Then a month later, they said: ‘Er, Rik, we’re sorry about this, but you’re not in the film. We’ve cut you out of the film.’” If not for Chris Columbus we could have seen Peeves in all his ghostly glory!

The broomsticks used in the films were not ordinary

The broomsticks used in the film were not ordinary. They were aircraft grade titanium made by Pierre Bohanna. It was thought of when being discussed about the broomstick props. They were made so because they needed to be lightweight and aesthetic on spec. Plus the children weighed around 80-90 pounds in the first film, and they would grow into it as the films proceeded.

The Deathly Hallows was renamed with code names by Bloomsbury to prevent early exposé

Bloomsbury named the early printouts of the seventh book as “Edinburgh Potmakers” and “The Life and Times of Clara Rose Lovett: an epic novel covering many generations.” to prevent leaks into the media.

Moaning Myrtle was older than she was portrayed in the films

Shirley Henderson was 35 at the time when she portrayed Moaning Myrtle in the second film of the Harry Potter franchise. She was the only actor who was over 30 who played a teenager in the films of Harry Potter. Myrtle was 14 when she died from the stare of the basilisk and Shirley Henderson as she stated in her interviews went to a lot of trouble to act out the 14-year-old ghost haunting the girl’s bathroom of Hogwarts.

Some of the food in Harry Potter was real

Although most of it was painted with resin, some of the food on set was real and the cast got to eat on set while filming the feast scene for the Goblet of Fire.

There was an animal production team in the movies.

Seven different owls played the part of Hedwig, namely Oh Oh, Elmo, Kasper, Bandit, Oops, Gizmo and Swoops. More than a dozen rats portrayed Scabbers as Ron’s pet rat in the series.